About Association

Digital dentistry association is an independent non-profit organization, which aims to unite users and manufacturers of digital dental technologies and equipment in Russia.

Trends in the dental industry leads to the new technologies. But implementing them in daily dental practice proceed very slowly because of the lack of information and, therefore, interest of specialists.

Strategic aims of the Digital Dentistry Association:

- analysis of the use of digital technologies in dentistry all over the world
- creation of a common information base for all digital technologies in dentistry
- introduction of new technologies into the dental market of Russia
- increase knowledge about digital technologies among dentists and dental technicians.
- work with medical institutions for the implementing the new technologies into the educational process
- improving the quality of interaction between users, distributors in Russia and manufacturers of digital technologies.
- information and support service for digital dental systems owners.
- assistance in resolving disputes and conflicts with equipment suppliers.
- provision of special conditions on dental supplies and equipment for members of the Digital Dentistry Association.